Weight Loss

Most weight loss plans will enable you to lose weight. But, have you noticed how quickly the weight creeps back on again as soon as you come off the diet? And often, the weight regained means that you end up even heavier than you were in the first place – until of course you go for the next quick fix diet. This “yo-yo” dieting is neither good for your health, nor your weight loss goals.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Tip:

Take your own snacks for a road trip or plane ride. This will keep you from stopping at convenience stores or vending machines for packaged foods, or having only cookies or chips to select on the plane. Trail mix, homemade granola, popcorn, pretzels, chopped raw vegetables, hummus, apples, plums and pears make great travel snacks. Eat any fresh produce prior to reaching an international destination to adhere to customs regulations.

Fitness & Goals

Goal Setting Success:

Every goal should be clearly defined… “I want to lose weight” is too vague. Instead, try “I want to lose 15 pounds, in increments of one to two pounds per week.”

Your trainer, Anne Marie, helps you to set, realistic goals and develops a program specific to you that results in solid , sustainable results.

Experience the difference working with a Registered Dietitian can make!


The Dietitian’s Weight Loss Program was designed by a Registered Dietitian to provide men and women wanting to lose weight with sound professional, scientifically backed advice.

We will put together a personalized meal plan and exerise plan to fit your lifestyle and get you fast and motivating results.

We will help you set realistic goals, stay motivated and design your customized weight loss plan. You will reclaim your vitality, energy, slimmer body and peace of mind!

No more fad diets, pre-packaged foods, costly required supplement purchases.

No more inconsistent slow results resulting in gaining even more weight and messing up your metabolism.

No more mind games and conflicting information.

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