When you meet with me weekly, we will break down our sessions in 3 parts:

urlEating, Exercise, and Emotional Self-Care. The combination of coaching around these 3 E’s, will result in Energy and Enthusiasm around your new healthier body and spirit, allowing you to create the life you really want. Along with my help, YOU WILL:

  • Achieve your goals
  • Lose fat and keep/build your lean muscle mass
  • Focus on the positives (Stop the negative self-talk)
  • Have more Energy
  • Feel and Look Great
  • Control your appetite and decrease food cravings
  • Learn the skills you need to manage your weight for the rest of your life
  • Eat better, providing better nutrition for you and your family!
  • Make significant improvements to your health and that of your loved ones!
  • Sleep better
  • Have less joint pain
  • Wear the clothes you want to wear
  • Do the things you really want to do; go where you really want to go!
  • Stop obsessing about your weight and what to eat

And we will do this together by providing you with:

  • A trusting relationship during our one on one personalized coaching sessions
  • Encouragement, Support and Motivation
  • Behaviour modifications tips to replace your old habits
  • Up-to-date information to make sense of all the misleading info out there
  • A flexible and easy-to follow personalized meal plan, including all the food groups
  • Eating your own grocery store bought foods with your family
  • Lots of food choices and keeping some of your favorite foods in your menu plan
  • Easy to prepare recipes and fast snack ideas


My services may be covered by your health benefits plan or your company’s health care spending account. Most plans cover services offered by registered dietitians or nutritionists. Ask your accounting professional how you may also be eligible to claim my services as a tax deduction.

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